The Commissioner of the Office of Administration (OA) has the responsibility under Chapter 34, RSMo to competitively bid and award contracts for state agencies. Within OA, the Division of Purchasing (Purchasing) is responsible for the procurement of supplies, equipment, and services required by state government in accordance with 1 CSR 40-1.050 (1). All agencies of state government are served by the Purchasing except Legislative Branch, Judicial Branch, Lottery Commission, the Department of Transportation (except information technology, telecommunications, and printing), and State College and Universities. The Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction (FMDC) has the responsibility under law (Chapter 8, RSMo) to bid and award capital improvements (design, construction, renovation, and repair of state facilities) contracts.


MissouriBUYS is the State of Missouri’, web-based statewide eProcurement system  that includes vendor (self-service) registration and profile updates, solicitations (both formal and informal), consolidated public Bid Board and public Contract Board, online bidding for vendor responses, and order management (requisitions, purchase orders, contracts, catalogs, receipts, and invoices).  For more information about MissouriBUYS, click the following link

Upcoming MBE/WBE and SDVE Subcontracting Bid Opportunities

The Division of Purchasing (Purchasing) maintains a listing of upcoming procurement requests currently being prepared on behalf of state agencies for issuance to the public. These procurements will offer evaluation scoring consideration to vendors who propose qualified Missouri Office of Equal Opportunity-certified MBE/WBE participation and Missouri Service Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (SDVE) as part of their proposed solution in their procurement response. This advance posting provides an opportunity for vendors to network and to identify potentially viable MBE/WBE/SDVE participation solutions either by means of direct participation or through subcontracting arrangements. For more information, click the following link

Explore Missouri Government Bid Opportunities Using Bid Locator Tool

The MissouriBUYS Bid Locator Tool, powered by the InstantMarkets application, is a consolidated search page that can be used to locate Missouri government (i.e. local, state, federal) bid solicitations throughout Missouri. The Bid Locator Tool is a search engine that crawls Missouri’s public sector websites, helping vendors find public bid opportunities without having to search multiple sites, saving valuable time. To access the MissouriBUYS Bid Locator Tool go to: The MissouriBUYS Bid Locator Tool has  filters that allow users to conduct a search by keyword, locations, timeframes, and many others. Users can select the bid that interests them and be redirected to the government agency’s website for all the remaining details. The webpage provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the MissouriBUYS Bid Locator Tool to search for relevant bid opportunities and Frequently Asked Questions about the MissouriBUYS Bid Locator Tool. To view current governmental entities searched by the MissouriBUYS Bid Locator Tool, click here. If you see a governmental entity we are missing, let the Division of Purchasing know.

Statewide Contract Search

Use the Statewide Contract Search ( to view current statewide contracts issued by the Office of Administration, Division of Purchasing.

Awarded Bid & Contract Document Search

The Awarded Bid & Contract Document Search and Retrieval System ( provides access to public record information regarding State of Missouri contracts, awarded bid/solicitation documents, bid abstracts, bid correspondence, and other related documents. This system includes documents only for the Office of Administration, Division of Purchasing bids and contracts.