When a firm is denied certification, two options are available:

  • A firm may wait six months from the date on the denial letter to reapply, or
  • Appeal the determination to the Commissioner of the Office of Administration (OA). The firm has Twenty-one (21) calendar days from the date of the denial letter to appeal. The Commissioner’s decision is final. If the denial is upheld on appeal, the firm may reapply in six months (180 days) from the date of the official notification of the denial being upheld.

To appeal a denial:

An appeal must be presented in writing to the Commissioner’s Office within twenty-one (21) calendar days from the date of the denial letter. Please mail the appeal to:

Office of Administration
Commissioner’s Office
P.O. Box 809
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102

If a firm was certified prior to the denial, the firm does not remain certified during the appeal process. As soon as a denial is issued the M/WBE status is revoked. In order for that status to be re-instated the denial must be overturned by the Commissioner’s Office.