About Us

Who We Are

Part of Missouri’s Office of Administration, the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) exists to promote a diversified workforce within state government and to assist women and minorities in developing opportunities to contract with the state, economically empowering traditionally under-served communities and improving the overall fiscal vitality of the State of Missouri.

To serve as a resource for promoting diversity within the state workforce and improving the opportunities for women and minorities to access state employment opportunities and state contracts through excellent service and efficient use of resources. OEO works toward this goal by completing the following primary functions: Certification of Minority/Women Business Enterprises (M/WBE), Education and Outreach, and Matchmaking Activities.

What We Do

OEO has streamlined its M/WBE Certification Process by lessening the amount of required documentation from the vendor. The certification staff is responsible for identifying and certifying minority and/or women business enterprises by conducting thorough eligibility reviews while ensuring that vendors receive prompt and responsible customer service. The program’s eligibility criteria are set forth and strictly adhered to. The certification staff is available to answer questions and provide information to vendors, local governments and state agencies regarding OEO certification procedures.

In an effort to ensure that M/WBE businesses are aware and take advantage of contractual opportunities available with state agencies, OEO sponsors or co-sponsors activities ranging from regional workshops, orientation sessions for newly certified M/WBE vendors and training workshops for state agencies. In addition, OEO is constantly seeking proactive ways to foster the inclusion of M/WBE enterprises in state contracting opportunities, including disseminating procurement information to M/WBE entities through its website.

Matchmaking involves activities designed to build relationships between M/WBE vendors and state agency procurement specialists, non-minority vendors, and decision makers. Matchmaking activities include, among other things, assisting M/WBE enterprises in identifying state agencies most likely to purchase the type of goods and/or services that their businesses provide.