Please note that upon further review of the firm’s application, a certification specialist may request additional information at any point of the certification process. It must be received within 30 days from date of notice.

For All Applicants:

- Form 1120S: Top Page and Schedule K-1
- Form 1120: Top Page and Scheduled G and/or form 1125-E
- Form 1065: Top Page and Schedule K-1
- Form 1040: Top Page and Schedule C-both pages.

- Company name on application and SOS registration should be identical
- If the firm has a DBA, include appropriate documentation.

- Birth certificate and driver's license or passport.
- Native Americans may provide tribal record (Department of Indian Affairs (202) 513-7617)
- If born outside of the U.S., documentation of Naturalized Citizenship or proof of lawfully admitted permanent resident status is needed.

Limited Liability Company (LLC):
For Profit Corporation:
Additional Documents (if applicable):

It is the responsibility of the firm to notify OEO of any changes in information within 30 days of the change.