Workforce Diversity Resources

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This resource bank provides actionable content for departments to further their diversity and inclusion plans and achieve their goals outlined in the Workforce Diversity Framework.

The Training Hub is a robust resource of training topics that provide knowledge, information, create further understanding, or increases skills that can positively impact diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The training resource models the Workforce Diversity Continuum. 

The Disability Portal, sponsored by the Governor’s Council on Disability (GCD), is a hub for those looking for information on ADA compliance, assistive technology, education resources, and more to promote full participation and inclusion of people with disabilities. See GCD’s guide on person-first language here.

Equal Opportunity (EO) is an essential part of the foundation of any diversity and inclusion program. The  State of Missouri’s Department of Labor and Industrial Relations houses the Missouri Commission on Human Rights and provides helpful information to prevent and eliminate discrimination.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Survey Toolkit  contains best practices and tips for creating, conducting and using surveys to assess and improve D&I in your department.

The  Accessibility Guide has best practices and resources to ensure more inclusive meetings and communications.