Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

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The State of Missouri Office of Equal Opportunity is supporting the creation of ERGs across State of Missouri to provide employees with an enhanced sense of community, support opportunities to network with peers, to gain a stronger sense of belonging, and to experience mentorship opportunities. Moving forward, our office will provide the support and guidance necessary to ensure ERGs are able to meet the needs of our vibrant and increasingly diverse workforce.

Benefits of participating in ERGs

Benefits of participating in ERGs

ERGs provide a space for employees to gather and work collaboratively toward common goals. These groups often co-sponsor events for professional development for employees of color or other underrepresented groups, including bringing in speakers, conducting trainings, and delivering workshops. The ERGs also can provide less structured opportunities for employee socialization and engagement. It’s critical to allow the ERG to decide its focus while adhering to the organization’s principles, and mission for Office of Equal Opportunity.

Department ERGs versus State of Missouri ERGs

Some departments across State of Missouri already have ERGs in place, so you may be wondering how the statewide ERGs are different. The State of Missouri ERGs are not meant to take the place of individual groups which may already exist on any particular department. Some departments, however, do not have enough employees to form a group or they may have a limited number of groups available to participate in. Participation in ERGs is completely voluntary and employees can choose to participate in any department or statewide group, or consider forming their own group consistent with the parameters contained within the  MERG Guidelines.

Participating in or forming a State of Missouri ERG

The State of Missouri Office of Office of Equal Opportunity has approved statewide Employee Resource Groups that can form under any one of the following identities/backgrounds:

  • Veteran
  • Disability Communities
  • Generational (i.e. millenials, young professionals, etc.)
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Interests/Hobbies

Forming an ERG

  • ERG Guidelines
  • ERG Toolkit

This toolkit is intended as a resource to help individuals and groups establish their ERGs.

  • ERG Application

Are you ready to form a new Employee Resource Group? Fill out the application here, a member of the OEO will contact you soon to schedule a meeting to discuss your group.

Participating in an ERG

If you would like help locating an ERG please fill out the following survey and/or reach out to the Office of Equal Opportunity at OEO@oa.mo.gov or your department’s OEO office.

Statewide ERG points of contact

Office of Equal Opportunity

Danielle Briot, Danielle.Briot@oa.mo.gov